Obama Poisons The Well and Burns The Fields

In his last days holding the office of the president of the United States Obama seems hell-bent on destroying any respect the world has for the USA. After a stunning defeat of his policies, Clinton, and his efforts to campaign for Hillary Obama set out goals to make the transition of government as a confrontational supporter of terrorists, aggressive confrontation of Russia, and government funding of bankrupt banking as difficult

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Donald Trump In His Own Words

Mass media hypnosis was so strong half of all Americans and almost all the rest of the world were fed garbage for months. None of these people around the world, who trusted mass media, actually got any opportunity to hear the man himself. Here are words from his actual rallies that were never reported by mainstream media:  “Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a

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Are You In Shock From Trump’s Presidential Win?

You would not be in shock if you had been informed. There are a lot of people in the USA, and the world, who are in shock over a “surprise” win by Trump in the US presidential elections. You have to wonder why the shock and surprise of almost half of the US and possibly the whole world. Why, when all the pollster organizations had Clinton leading by a double-digit

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The Election Polls Were Not Wrong – Just Myopic

Everywhere I turn are mass media outlets running stories of how they got the polls so wrong? After a lot of digging I think I have found the reason the polls had those numbers and why mass media promoted the wrong polls. The biggest news I saw was the vote in Washington, D.C. where the incredibly lopsided vote came out exactly as the polls predicted. A win by Clinton by

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Only NYCTV polls predicted it and supported Trump throughout the election process. Mass corporate owned media shown for what they really are, a mere arm of the Democratic party. The shame and exposure of their collusion is now part of history and the American people have shown they no longer have the control they once had. In fact social media, the Internet, has shown it can bring better communication and

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A Prayer For Election Day

The good, the bad and the ugly. As you go to the polls today I want to share with you some of my life observations. This election rampage has been nothing less than anything Barnum & Bailey would have done. From Hillary Clinton conspiring with the Democratic National Committee to deny any chance of a Bernie Sanders win to the relentless exploits of her out of control drones planting stories,

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