NYCTV Officially Endorses Ron Paul

Ron Paul last night spoke out for Americans last night when he stood up against the use of “pre-emptive” strikes of any kind. While CNN claims that all Republican Candidates backed a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran one man stood out. NYCTV is now proud to endorse the candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul for President.

We feel he may just bring the nation back to the Republic it once was. Allowing self-government to replace the corporate dominance prevalent in Washington these days. Here is what Ron had to say.

On his web site Ron Paul lays out his philosophy on government:


MAKS TV is a 24 -hour Russian language Entertainment TV network

What is Maks TV?

MAKS TV is a 24 -hour Russian language Entertainment TV network that serves a ten million nationwide Russian speaking audience. Available to U.S. and Canada subscribers via local cable providers and satellite networks, MAKS TV provides programming that is focused solely on entertainment: humor, music, fashion, dancing and Hollywood.


Theater Review | “Summer Shorts” Quick Bites of Theater Off a Menu of One Acts

Shorts are pants that don’t cover your legs, or theater pieces that don’t cover an evening. Both are meant to be light and fresh, and both can suffer from problems of scale if not properly tailored: revealing too much, or extending too far in a misguided attempt to be more durable, more fashionable, or more suited to evening wear.


NYC Develops New Filming Regulations

New York City has tried to implement rather draconian laws on the film industry that will affect both political protest and tourist industry.

Last May the city put up a proposal to the movie board of the city that would make a mere 10 minutes of video illegal without a permit. In effect this would stop all protests and events from being taped for reference or evidence of anything that might go wrong as well as the taping of your friendly picnic or ball game in the park, or child playing.


Jazz Listings

A complete listing of Jazz events, concerts and events of interest in the New York area.

If you are a Jazz fan then check it out.


Win a Romantic Getaway in NY

To celebrate the release of the wacky romantic comedy “Wedding Daze”, in cinemas from today, Metro has teamed up with film distributors Pathe to give you the chance to win a romantic break for two in New York.

After losing the woman of his dreams, Anderson is convinced he’ll never fall in love again. But at the urging of his best friend, he spontaneously proposes to a dissatisfied waitress named Katie and an innocent dare evolves into the kind of love that both of them have been looking for all along.