NYCTV Open Letter To Trump About Russia Summit

We were all cheering as you went to Helsinki to finally meet with president Putin. We were even happier that your goal was to sit down and communicate in a positive way, like a real deal maker. You did not go in with guns blazing, accusations, assessments, or other stumble blocks that would stop moving ahead. You went in open and willing to find common ground and avenues for the

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Why Trump’s Trade War Will Work

Why Trump’s Trade War Will Work The Trump administration in the USA has imposed large tariffs on steel and aluminum and Europe is going wild. The mass media is all aghast at this apparent affront to its’ European partners and claiming these tariffs will hurt Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most notable in reactions to the US imposed tariffs is the lack of China’s reaction. The simple

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USA Sends Signal To World

USA Sends Signal To World as Thug Three Attack Another Nation The Thug Three, USA, UK and France, have attacked Syria without provocation sending a signal to the world. Trump and his allies have unilaterally decided to watch Youtube videos and collect rumors then used as an excuse to send over 100 missiles into the Syrian capital Damascus this week. Syria has been locked in battle against ISIS and several

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Boris Johnson Continues Government Legacy

Boris Johnson Shows The World Boris Johnson made a big show of his unfounded proof that Russia was complicit in a recent UK poisoning of a cold war spy. Not since Colin Powell displayed the infamous WMD that Iraq never had has a government been shown as liars to create wars. Boris, the clown, Johnson said in a TV interview on March 24th: ‘The people from Porton Down, the laboratory,

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McCain Claims All Presidents Poorly Informed Except McCain

McCain Urges Trump To Meet With Islamic State McCain has made the claim that Trump is often poorly informed. The 80 plus year old McCain, after returning from intensive brain surgery, wants Congress to believe that Trump has no grip on reality since he has not met with all the terrorists. John McCain understands everything the terrorists stand for and is willing to fund them and back them in the

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NY City and Bill de Blasio Ready to Join the Removal Bandwagon

Bill de Blasio ready to join the democratic party removal bandwagon The latest for New York City is indicative of the desire of many democratic party members to take apart all reminders of history. De Blasio stated he may order the removal of the city’s landmark statue of Christopher Columbus from the famed Columbus Circle at the entrance to Central Park. All around the nation, wherever there are democratic controlled

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