Lincoln Memorial Next to Go

The next target for destruction is the Lincoln Memorial and all artifacts to do with Lincoln. While technically he did not OWN slaves, he kept them but in his wife’s name. But Lincoln was a racist and here are five famous quotes to prove it: Lincoln said: There is a natural disgust in the minds of nearly all white people to the idea of indiscriminate amalgamation of the white and

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POC Spokeswoman-Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal Condones Assassination and Racism

With all the latest growth of racism and hate happening everywhere in our country we would have hoped not to see this coming out of government officials. But in Missouri you have Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal the democrat state Senator calling for the assassination of the president of the united states. This senator from Missouri put this on her personal facebook page, “I hope trump is assassinated.” Later she tried

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Islamic State Sleeper Cells Start Destruction of USA

Are the Antifa more Islamic State or Communists? Islamic sleeper cells have been activated in the homeland of America. Just when you thought they were only winning in Syria and Germany they have started their actions here in the mainland USA. Last night in NYC, Baltimore and Chicago they worked through the night removing and destroying our public parks and historical monuments. Following a day of violence a new Islamic

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Trump Refuses To Defend Violence In Charlottesville

Trump Stands Tall Against ALL Violence In Charlottesville Donald Trump has once again stood up for American and our rights. Condemning all violence he stood tall. Once again the mass media railed against him with an onslaught of fake news that wanted to glorify one groups violence over another groups violence. Donald Trump was, and is, the Only man in government standing to defend our right to free speech. Once

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Trump Forgot To Drain the Swamp

Now he pays the price! Time has come to comment on the Trump presidency so far. What has gone wrong? Many of us voted for him because he was intent on draining the swamp, ridding the government of the corruptions within, embracing Russia for better relations, stopping the expanding war cycles, and ending our policy of changing regimes around the world. Most of his problems come from his failure to

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Fake News Fans Flames For War

Trump moves to join Hillary Clinton in War Stance for nothing! Fake news has been all over the airwaves with praise for Trump’s latest move to the warmonger party. While Trump has done an about face about every major promise, no more interventions, no more regime change, no more war over lies like WMD in Iraq, the mass media is now in full bloom with praises for dealing death for

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