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Paul's Da Burger Joint

Paul's Da Burger Joint
Burgers And More / Restaurants
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Aug 25, 2011
Looking for the best hamburger in Greenwich Village? You just have to find Paul's Da Burger Joint. Family run since 1989 we discovered this gem in 1992 working in a club called Spiral Lounge. So many people ordered from this Burger palace that word spread fast about the generous portions and their incredible menu.

It was rare to find people who could finish the burger deluxe platter!

Paul's offer a wide variety of toppings their burgers which includ mushrooms, jalapenos, chilly, bacon, and anything you can conjur in your mind. Shakes, frosteds, egg creams and soda floats of all flavours. This place has really large portions and is high quality food at a reasonable price.

This has a big thumbs up here and if you are down in the village stop in! Tell them you found it here!
131 2nd Avenue
New York

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