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Obama Wants War With Syria At Any Cost

Oblivious to anyone else in the world and, once again, without any proof, Obama wants to start a war with Syria over the latest poison gas attack.

With US backed Al-Qaeda rebels’ losing the ground war Obama has had the Saudis send in poison gas to create the means necessary for a US bombing campaign. Without the professional liars like Colin Powell available to give credence to fake intelligence, and now the British Parliament will not allow their prime minister to go off and join in this bombing of another Arab nation.

Why Does The US Want Edward Snowden So Badly?

The question arises just why does the USA want Edward Snowden so badly. The answer is more complicated than what we see on the surface.

The USA has already been responsible for kidnapping the President of Bolivia and has stated it will do anything it can to shut Snowden up and get back the data he has not released.

Obama Admits Massive Spying On World

Meeting of the spies! This photo captured the President, along with Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Steve Jobs (Apple), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Eric Schmidt (Google),Carol Bartz (Yahoo), John Chambers (Cisco Systems), Dick Costolo (Twitter), Reed Hastings (Netflix), Steve Westly (Westly Group), Art Levinson (Genentech) toasting the Prisim deal in February of 2011.

Iran Not Our Nuclear Enemy

While the mass media, owned by the same corporations that manufacture war machines, tries to bring our focus on Iran as an atomic enemy the real information is being withheld. The New York Post and New York Times continue to work for their bosses, Rupert Murdock and General Electric respectively, they are not just hiding the truth, and they are creating myths to drag nations into war.

New York Attorney General Lanny Breuer Grants Immunity To Bankers

While NY prosecutors are busy jailing the poor, who are sent away a year for stealing a bottle of water, he has granted a free pass to bank executives for their crimes of fraud, theft, aiding in murder, money laundering, aiding the enemy, drug dealing, and other nefarious acts which they benefited with over $4 billion in profits.

During the Christmas holiday the Attorney Generals office issued a statement, hoping you were all to busy to care, that HSBC executives would not be prosecuted for their crimes but will settle for a small (5 days of profits) fine instead.

Obama Increases Miltiary Spending to Israel

===== SATIRE =====

Obama sent his Secretary of State to Israel to help set the tone for the recent mass bombing of the Gaza strip.

With no apologies for targeting civilians, hospitals, schools and the elderly Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu agree and shake hands as the US upped the ante with more arms for Israel. ===== SATIRE =====

Libyan Government Allows Mob To Murder US Ambassador

The Libyan government allowed a mob to overrun the US Embassy in Benghazi and murder the US Ambassador and several of his aides. Obama has confirmed the death of the US diplomats.

The Libyan officials claim that the US has too much freedom and a film that no one has seen might have been the trigger for the death squads entering the US Embassy in Libya. Hillary Clinton’s state department is looking into the matter and thought crime laws might be enhanced to assure that US citizens no longer make films that might bother other nationals or cults.

American Banker Bob Diamond Retires With Golden Parachute

A day after Barclay Banks chairman, Marcus Agius, retired with full benefits for colluding with other banks to fix loan prices Barclay’s CEO Bob Diamond, an American banker, has resigned. Marcus Agius tried to stop the exposure of his corrupt colleges stating “The buck stops with me” but the high level of banker manipulation on loan rates and investment fraud is too big to contain.

Obama’s Health Care Brings Fascism To The USA

Obama’s health care bill, known as Obamacare, is a carefully disguised tax on hundreds of millions of Americans and brings our nation closer to full fascism. Fascism is a form of government where private corporations and ruling officials work as one for the profits of each other, often at the expense of the population.

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