NYC TV Poll Trump Double Digit Lead Against Clinton

The NYCTV/Ipso Facto poll was conducted online in English in all NYC Boroughs. The poll included 2,565 people who were considered likely voters due to their registration status, voting history and stated intention to vote in the election. It has a credibility, a measure of accuracy, of + or – 2.3 percentage points. The poll finds that 61% of voters polled were impressed with Trump, in particular his foreign policy

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Trump or Clinton – War or Peace

Once you take the appalling rhetoric of recent debates away you are left with some obvious choices. They relate solely to war or peace. Each of the candidates has some weaknesses. Trump has a colorful past and Clinton has a cloud filled sky of lies to surmount. With the October 9th debate only one real issue came out and brought to fruition. Working to destroy the Islamic State with Russia

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Conspiracy Exposed At Democratic National Party Level

What We Know About The DNC Primary Rigging. With the latest revelations and exposure of nefarious emails showing the Democrat Party collusion with the press people are now questioning if both Sanders and Trump are correct that the system is rigged. NYCTV has dug into the machinations of the people who helped Clinton gain the nomination through coercion, deceit and outright interference in the process. At the head of the

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Cameron Forces A Leaderless England

David Cameron has left England leaderless and blocking the door for anyone to step in and lead. It is as if Cameron is punishing the nation for turning their backs on him and the elites that have brought the UK the reason to leave the EU. The process cannot start until the Prime Minister, right now it is Cameron, starts it. And he has no intention of starting that process

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Turkey Takes A Turn To The Darkside

Erdogan Embraces Hilter’s Ideals Turkey certainly has a long and spotty history. Filled with the kind of intrigue and subterfuge that the ancient kingdoms were all about. Since all migration to Europe is funneled through Turkey it has found itself in a position where it can manipulate the spineless leadership in Europe and has, in effect, blackmailed them. Last year saw Turkey dump 2 million migrants into Europe. Flooding over

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Why America Deserves Better than Clinton

Why America Deserves Better than Clinton Many people have stopped and asked us why NYCTV does not support Hillary Clinton in her efforts to become President of the United States. Here we will try to explain it and guide you to enough information to see, and remember, what politicians spend money on so you forget. Hillary Clinton has been caught in so many lies, crimes, deceit, and corruption no single

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